Playa Lagun is suitable for divers of all levels and great for snorkling as well. Turtles make their daily visit here. The cove is well protected by cliffs on both sides, and the water is mostly calm. The bottom is sandy, but snorklers and novice divers will enjoy exploring the edges along the cliffs where Cup Coral, Anemones, Brain Coral, and numerous small reef fish have made their home. If you follow the cliffs left outside the bay, you'll find two small caves after about 200 yards, which properly trained divers can safely explore. The reef starts in 30 feet of water and drops gradually to a depth of 100 feet. The current is usually, but not always, light. The reef to the left is in the best shape, with large colonies of Great Star Coral, Brain Coral, Stove Pipe Sponges, Cup Coral, and Sea Rods thriving. Look for Octopus, Green Morays, Goldentail Eels, Scorpion Fish, Eagle Rays, and Sea Turtles.

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Mushroom Forrest is one of the most renowned sites on the island and on the top ten list for any dive in the Caribbean, this area can only be reached by boat. Located just 5 minutes away from our dive center!! We offer twice a week trips to this magical site. Spread across a wide plateau, the Forest starts close to the shoreline cliffs in 40 feet of water and runs several hundred yards out to a depth of 60 feet before reaching a steep drop off. This site earns its name from the giant mushroom shaped coral formations sprouting from the seafloor. These were formed over many decades as the bottoms of the Great Star and Plate Corals were slowly undermined by fish, wave action, sponges, and clams, leaving the appearance of a stalk supporting a big mushroom head. Some have grown till ten feet in diameter. It’s easy to get lost in the flats, so bring a compass or keep an eye on your dive master. Also don’t forget your camera as the area is populated by Turtles, Cowfish, Spotted Eels, Goldentail Eels, Stingrays, Spotted Drums, Lobster, and Burrfish, to name a few. Of course we try to end our dive in the famous Blue Cave.

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Black Coral Gardens is situated off the private beaches and cliffs of Land House San Nicolas, this unique site can only be reached with Discoverdiving. Named for its relative abundance of ever rarer black coral, there is a lot to see here. Elkhorn and brain corals populate the coastline along with parrot fish, damselfish, and angelfish (among others) providing excellent snorkeling. The reef wall starts a hundred yards off shore in 30 feet of water, sloping down to over 150 feet. Turtles are often seen here, and sea horses and frogfish are just some of the camouflaged natives to keep a careful eye out for. (Photographers, don’t forget your macro-lens.)  . The obvious attraction here is the assortment of black corals, generally found between 30 and 100 feet. Most varieties are actually gray, brown, or dark green (not black!). Many form branches looking similar to the branches of a pine tree, while some form long unbranched wire like stalks. All across the Caribbean, black coral has been over-harvested and sold to jewelers who cut, fashion, and polish the tough material for sale as souvenir trinkets. Fortunately black coral is now protected on Curacao, and it’s now illegal to gather or sell items made from Black Coral. In areas like Black Coral Gardens we hope to see these slow growing colonies flourish back to their historic abundance in the coming decades.

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Mako's Mountain (click for watch the movie)


Mako’s Mountain is situated just northwest of Santa Martha Bay between the private beaches of Landhuis San Nicolas. This site earned its name from a Mako shark who for many years made his home here. Sadly the shark is no longer to be found; rumour gors it has retired to Aruba. Private property constraints and strong currents makes diving with Discoverdiving the only sensible option here. This is a fantastic site offering some of the most rugged and imposing monumental coral formations found in the Caribbean. There is no protection from the weather, and most days there are significant swells and current present, limiting the dive to experienced divers. On calm days it’s a great site for everyone, with excellent diving and snorkeling along the shallow terrace near shore, where Elkhorn Coral, Brain Coral, Cup Coral, Sea Fans, Parrotfish, and Blue Tang thrive. The terrace is a great spot for your safety stop at the end of your dive. The wall starts at 25 feet and falls steeply below 130 feet. During your dive you’ll arrive a mammoth underwater mountain looming up from the depths and covered with Plate Coral, Star Coral, and Wire Coral. Deep sea fish are common here, with Barracuda, Mackerel, and Sunfish among them. Also look for Slipper Lobster and numerous Spotted Morays and large Green Morays hiding among the crevices. An excellent location for macro and wide angle shots.

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Kleine Knip, also known as Playa Kenepa, this small scenic beach is a great spot, you might well feel like a castaway on a deserted island. Enter the water along the left side of the beach. Beware of boat traffic, particularly on the weekends. The cove and surrounding cliffs are ideal for snorkling and novice divers. Look for Lobster, Morays, Octopus, Damselfish, and Peacock Flounder in the shallows. The drop-off is about a 10 minute swim across a sandy terrace; keep an eye open for sleeping Sting Rays half buried in the sand. The wall starts in 40 feet of water and drops to 130 feet. Brain and Star Coral pocked with colonies of Christmas Tree Worms, grow together with Wire Coral, Sea Fans, and Tube Sponges. Parrotfish, Angelfish, Triggerfish, and Goatfish can all be found here. Sandy areas and hugh corals gives this place a beautiful underwater atmosphere. Don’t get lost here, stay close to your guide.

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